June12th 2018 London Blusion/Big River

June 12th 2018, Review c/o Haydn Hart

We were very spoiled at the Tuesday Night Music Club last night when we had a brilliant BOGOF! Big River were the band penned to play, but Richard decided to double our delights by booking London Blusion to open proceedings. Either band would have made a great headline booking on any day of the week…..what a treat to have both on the bill.

London Blusion with their classy fusion of Blues/Jazz/Funk delivered a killer set bringing an enthusiastic crowd to their feet. Mete Ege, certainly a master of his craft, leading an almost impromptu jam session….don’t get me wrong, this is the sort of stuff that comes with real talent and a lot of practice! Mete produced some stunning guitar breaks over a thumping set masterfully accompanied by Aaron Liddard on saxophone(proper dirty sax), Nick Marangoni on drums, Chicco Allotta on keyboard and Cem Tuncer on bass(proper tasty licks slapped down).

After a short break Big River took the stage bringing their blend of Blues/Rock -I love John Nicholson’s analogy- to quote- “stadium rock in our little suburban venue”.

With a single just released and an album in the pipeline due for release later in the year this is definitely an outfit to watch. The brainchild of Damo Fawsett, Big river are carrying some classic Blues to a whole new audience of fans. My stand out tracks being ‘Dance with the Devil’, ‘Devil’s Whisky’ and two superb covers – The Rolling Stones’ ‘Doom and Gloom’ and Deep Purple’s ‘When a Blind Man Cries’.

Here is a band totally at home with Blues and Rock and merging them to perfection. Adam Bartholomew making hay in a shortened set on vocal, Damo Fawcett and Paul Martin providing some sublime guitar breaks with Ant Wellman(bass) and Joe Martin(drums) doing an excellent job in the engine room.

Two standing ovations in one night and a very happy crowd of musos going home buzzing. This is the kind of evening that the Tuesday Night Music Club aspires to and, with the great bookings already on the menu for the next few months, things are looking rosy for the future.

As usual thanks to Richard Dunning for the untiring work he puts in to keep the ‘family’ happy. We love you boss!

All images courtesy of Haydn Hart.